Afimilk introduces a new dimension to dairy farming by implementing the In-Line Milk Lab - the industry’s power couple AfiMilk MPC and AfiLab.

Managed by AfiFarm dairy farm management software, data is used for earlier detection of health problems and nutritional deficits, better control over milk quality and improvement of the entire milking environment for precision milking.

  • Improved Health: Timely identification of changes in milk production and solids for earlier detection of health problems
  • Efficient Nutrition: The immediate effect on milk solids enables early detection of nutritional deficits and poor feed quality
  • Top Milk Quality: Prevention of milk contamination and ensuring proper wash procedures
  • Precision Milking: Adherence to procedure with fewer irregularities improve the entire milking environment for better overall herd health and management.

Lost Assets

  • Ketosis - lost milk of 440 lb in New York holsteins, 575 lb in a California dairy
  • Ruminal Acidosis costs North American dairy industry between $500 million and $1 billion annually.
  • Costs related to SARA (Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis) in the farm equals to 1.12$ per cow daily
  • Mastitis - USA total annual cost of mastitis ~$1.8 billion, ~10% of the total value of farm milk sales

The Solution

Improved Health

  • Early detection of ketosis for healthier cows.
  • Mastitis detection for reducing damages of udder disease
  • Fresh cow follow-up for optimizing the milk curve

Efficient Nutrition

  • Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) detection for preventing production losses.
  • Precise feeding management for reducing feed costs
  • Alerts of reduced feed-quality for preventing losses in milk production

Top Milk Quality

  • Prevent loss of bulk milk
  • Ensure proper CIP wash to prevent bacterial growth in the milking system

Precision Milking

  • Obtain udder health
  • Adherence to procedure with fewer irregularities
  • Maintain a calm milking environment

By providing such vital benefits, the In-line Milk Lab enhances management capabilities, giving dairy managers a competitive edge in their operations.