The easy-to-use AfiMilk MPC milk meter provides full control over the milking process at the milking point. Part of the AfiMilk management system, this ICAR-approved meter transfers valuable data collected during milking to the AfiFarm management program. There, the data serves to enhance daily herd management. 

Milking Controls 

• Milking - Built to cope with high milk-flow rates; offers the necessary protection against damaging vacuum fluctuations.

 • Cluster Removal - Provides accurate, adjustable thresholds for automatic stoppage of milking when milk flow decreases; timed vacuum closure guarantees smooth release of cluster from udder.

 • Pulsation - Enables two methods of controlling pulsation. Basic control allows configurable rates and ratios, while advanced flow controlled pulsation automatically adjusts pulsation according to milk flow. Pulsation stops when cluster is detached, extending the life of milking equipment, pulsators and liners.

 • Stimulation - Supports pre-milking stimulation.