Each cow is fitted with a smart neck collar, which monitors its heat expression and health round-the-clock and transmits the data wirelessly to your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Our sophisticated software lets you track each individual cow onscreen in real time — and alerts you to any changes associated with the onset of heat and/or the health of the animal.

You’ll be sent an email immediately to ensure no vital opportunities are missed. The result? Optimum fertilization times, earlier health interventions and maximum milking efficiency.

There’s no impact on your working routine, so things can carry on exactly as normal. Plus the system still works even if you don’t have an internet connection.

And with my Silent Herdsman putting the herd in the palm of your hand too, it’s even easier to increase your yield when you’re not in the field.

Afimilk Silent Herdsman Neck Collar Benefits:

  • Easy mounting on the animal
  • Advanced mechanical collar design
  • Rumination, eating, fertility, health
  • Free stalls and grazing

Silent Herdsman will help you make more money, save time and keep your herd healthy wherever you are.

mySilent Herdsman gives you data on the go
Like our Silent Herdsman system, mySilent Herdsman lets you keep an eye on your herd around the clock.

The difference is that it’s cloud-based — which means the data is available via the internet, rather than just on the computer in your home, office or parlor.

So wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you can receive heat detection and health data, helping you to make relevant decisions quickly and easily.

With mySilent Herdsman, you have the whole herd at your fingertips — so you can manage it any time, any place and on any device.

Prevention is the best cure with mySilent Herdsman Health Alert
The mySilent Herdsman Health Alert service has been developed to provide early identification of animal illness before being observed or identified as so by a farmer, staff member or vet, and builds on research carried out during a three year program supported by Innovate UK.

The 24/7 software-service continually monitors eating and rumination via a single collar-based sensor. The sensor also identifies heats (estrus).

The graphs display the average time spent by the cow eating and ruminating. Alerts are received when eating or ruminating declines for an individual animal. Users are able to adjust the sensitivity setting for the health alert via the Silent Herdsman system.

As with heat detection, alerts can be received via any Smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC and through accessing the Silent Herdsman and mySilent Herdsman software.

It has been proven to accurately and reliably alert farms to the signs of illness, most commonly to the early onset of acidosis, ketosis, mastitis/E coli mastitis and lameness.

The software based service is an optional add-on to the mySilent Herdsman system.